Kinship Rules, Requirements and Code of Conduct

1. In Game Rules:

a. Do not disrespect other players or members.
b. No vulgar or profane names.
c. No inappropriate humor or jokes, either spoken, in IMs or in voice chat.
d. No cursing, including abbreviations and partially censored text. No cursing in voice chat.
e. No racist or discriminating comments.
f. No bashing Christians, God, or other religions.
g. No "online-dating" set ups here.
h. No arguing with Kinship Leadership. If you have a problem please PM us privately.
i. No exploiting, cheating or hacking.
j. No lewd behavior with your character.
k. Do not participate or conduct unfair trading practices in game.
l. Please do not play music over the in-game Voice Communication tools without permission from others. However, playing music with in-game instruments is encouraged.
m. Have fun!

2. SoC Forum and Sub-Forum Rules (copied from main website):

a. Before you post a question, use the forum search feature to determine whether your topic has already been covered.
b. Clan Council/Guardian Elders reserve the right to change, edit, or delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate.
c. Do not post the same topic in two forums.
d. Do not post links to websites that contain inappropriate content, or content that conflicts with SoC's general rules.
e. Do not plagiarize. Use your own words. When quoting try to use the [quote ]text[/quote] function. Post references and link your source whenever possible.
f. Post your topic in the correct forum.
g. No Soliciting: Please respect our members by not using posts or signatures for aggressive advertising, or soliciting your own business. Sigs may contain a text link to your business, but may not contain images or links or prices of individual products or services.

3. Kinship Requirements:

a. We would prefer that all recruits either be at least 16 years old OR a current member of the greater Soldiers of Christ community but we will be lenient towards younger players who show maturity. Children of members are allowed to participate while under supervision or with permission from their parent or guardian.
b. Recruits do NOT need to be Christian or hold any religious beliefs/affiliation to join. However, please be aware that this kinship is Christ centered and conversations pertaining to this topic can and will occur. Recruits MUST be willing to accept this before they join.
c. Recruits do NOT need to belong to a certain race, religion, ethnic group or sexual orientation to join. Discrimination is strictly prohibited.
d. Recruits and members should be able to play on a regular basis.
e. All recruits are encouraged register on these forums and reply to this thread acknowledging that they approve of these rules and requirements.

4. Members Code of Conduct

a. Soldiers of Christ strives to "Do all things unto the Lord" and Praise God in our questing! Though it is not required we actively invite you to participate in honoring God in all that you do.
b. Be respectful and courteous to all people.
c. Be helpful. Act with a servant's attitude. If one of our own needs help relish the chance to assist. If others outside of the kinship asks you for help view it as a chance to witness to others.
d. Be forgiving. This is, after all, only a game. Do not hold grudges or prejudice against others for past misconduct.
e. Be loving. Consider each other as brothers and sisters of a family.
f. Attempt to be positive in all things.
g. Be open and honest. Try to keep communication open so that we might foster a community environment in-game and on the forums.
h. If conflicts between members arise please do not make it public. If a conflict cannot be resolved please involve a Kinship Officer.

5. Kinship Officers Code of Conduct:

a. Attend events regularly. This assists with organization and enforcement of rules.
b. Be encouraging. Let others know that they matter and are important to us and to the kinship!
c. Be involved. Involve and immerse yourself in the kinship. Get to know others. Be creative in how you do it!
d. Be merciful and understanding. Do not judge blindly when handling misconduct. Gather information from both parties if multiple people are involved. If you need assistance ask another officer or leader.
e. Be generous. Give to those who ask. Do not be greedy.
f. Be outgoing. Advertise the group to those outside of the kinship. Try to find recruits! Also, do not hesitate to give testimony to our Savior.
g. Be supportive. Support other Officers and Leadership in kinship leadership. Help out when you can. We cannot do it alone but we can do it together!
h. Be honest in all things.
i. When enforcing rules or giving punishment follow these guidelines:

- Do not enforce any situations that you were involved in or are intimately related to. Find another officer or leader to assist.
- Gather as much information as possible about the circumstance before making a judgment or executing enforcement.
- Report the misconduct to your kinship leader for evaluation.
- In small matters of misconduct we will follow a 3 strikes rule. The 3rd strike will result in punishment or dismissal.
- If more than one person is involved in the misconduct be an arbiter between the two parties. Be fair in any judgments that are made and do not take sides.
- If a resolution cannot be found involve other Officers. If other Officers cannot resolve the matter we will contemplate bringing the matter before the entire Kinship. 3 or more Officers must be in agreement before bringing the matter before the entire Kinship. If the decision is made to bring a matter before the Kinship it will be posted on the forums. Once the matter is resolved the post will be deleted.
- If the matter is still not able to be resolved by the entire Kinship then dismissal from the kinship of one or both parties may be necessary.